Air transportation


Transporte AereoCrystal Group maintains relationship and trade agreements with the leading Brazilian and international airlines, which makes us a complete partner for freights, whether for beginners or for companies importing and exporting large volumes.

In many situations, there is no other option: you must transport your time-sensitive goods by air. To consistently meet the deadlines, it is necessary to hire an airline that is comprehensive and offers routes to the main business centers of the world. And Crystal Group can assist you since the very first steps and at all stages.

In partnership with airline companies, we organize the freights on scheduled flights or charter planes to bring in or take your goods worldwide. We have the tools and technology to calculate rates and create shipments, tracking your cargo in real-time. We offer a complete view, control and details of the cargo entrance, departure or shipments made by third parties.

We ensure that our customers cargo will always have the best routes and flight connections – and with the lowest possible cost –, ensuring speed and operational efficiency. The air shipment is also ideal for those who seek convenience and a wider network of services than the available ones by sea or road.