Less than Container Load

Escritório na China Crystal Group works with the main carriers (ship owners) available in the market to offer the best cost-benefit for importing and exporting products whose volume might use just a part of the container.

Our LCL services are exclusive because we have a fixed schedule for shipment. The main advantage of this mode is that there is no need to fulfill a container and that this cargo can proceed to its final destination with total security.

For a company to be competitive, the price established for this freight needs to be as lower as possible, turning this operation into a profitable one since the beginning. And sharing a container with other companies that carry or bring goods from the same place as yours can provide you that. Count on us to import or export your products to any part of the globe.

As a differential, Crystal Group offers weekly fully-owned consol cargos (Consol Box), departing from Ningbo and Shanghai, China, and having as destination the port of Santos, in the State of São Paulo, Brazil.

As part of this service, Crystal Group:

- Receives the client shipment at the cargo consolidation warehouse on its origin;
- Consolidation of your cargo with others from various customers;
- Ocean freight and international insurance of the cargo (optional);
- Deconsolidation of the cargo at the destination and release to the recipient.

As part of the expansion project of our LCL service, new route options with fully-owned Consol Boxes, still in 2013, Crystal Group will offer
weekly departures from Guangzhou, Qingdao, Shenzhen and Xiamen in China, besides Hong Kong.