Escritório na China We are specialized in the development of suppliers, looking for the best product or the ideal raw material to meet your needs.

With the development of new businesses overseas, particularly in Brazil and China where we have offices and local professionals, Crystal Group has full ability to offer products and services for companies everywhere.

Prospecting new customers and introducing your company to a global market that is integrated today, we can contribute to your success.

Crystal Group offers the ideal solution for you and also works in structuring or restructuring the foreign trade department of organizations that need consulting, to implement or review internal and external processes.

We are able to make all the procedure and follow the workflow for the development of suppliers and customers that you want to import or export, the full process for logistics, legal aspects and customs clearance, also offering financial consultancy to enable your business. Our clients deal with only one service provider at all stages of these procedures – Crystal Group. This is called "door to door business".

Our main goal is to make your work our responsibility, because a smart investment is the one that you achieve measurable results. This is Crystal Group connecting your business worldwide.

Crystal Group – Conectando negócios em todo o mundo!