Project cargo


Escritório na ChinaCrystal Group has expanded its services portfolio and now counts on the road transport of project cargo, whether it is national or international (Latin America).

By this mean, for cargo where the weight or dimension have no standard, you can rely on us to offer this freight using special equipment, just as axle lines or the so called "geckos".

Extremely heavy cargo or with too much volume, because of its dimensions or weight cannot be transported in regular containers, need special equipment to do so. Trucks, ships our airplanes can make the transport, for instance, of compensators, tanks, reactors, boilers, rail cars, towers, cranes, generators, giant presses, lathes, parks or wind blades, among many others.

And these cargos need a detailed study and checking its feasibility, for all stages of the transportation (by road, train, sea or air), so as the demand for guards, support of escorts, etc.

The Brazilian market for the transport of this kind of cargo is tight because of the various mills, plants, large constructions and building sites ongoing in the country. The multimodal transport is one of our specialties and we can offer a quality service for companies seeking for efficiency and delivery guarantee.

This kind of transport also includes the traffic feasibility and orientation for the development of foundations, appropriate installations and handling systems. The Crystal Group team is ready to handle these project cargos, offering a complete "door to door" service.

These services also include the possibility of storage, packing, special road transport and studies for logistics solutions – all made in advance to avoid surprises or extra costs initially defined in the budget.